We do an assortment of excavation type work. Here are some examples:

Thiel College Waterline    Greenville, PA

We installed a 12” water main to replace an existing 8” line. The expansion was necessary to support the expansion of Thiel College. We installed 1500 LF of water main, connected it to the existing water main, fire hydrants, valves and service lines.

New Texas Road Waterline Replacement    Plum Borough, PA

We replaced an existing 8” water line with an 18”-24” water main and added a connection between two municipalities (Westmoreland County and Plum Borough Municipal Authority). This project required 2x36” diameter bores, 40’ and 80’ lengths. The project included about 1900 LF of 24" waterline, 12,650 LF of 18" waterline, 80 LF of 10" waterline, 185 LF of 8" WL, 1140 LF of 6" waterline, 16 LF of 4" waterline, and 10 LF of 2" waterline.

Midlothian Blvd. Catch Basin Project    Youngstown, Ohio

We removed and installed 77 catch basins along with the associated curb and sidewalk. The old catch basins were in poor repair and not functioning properly, and the replacement was needed to improve drainage.

Wastewater Improvement Project    Harrisville, Ohio

This was a new construction project, where all the current houses were using failing septic systems that were polluting surrounding streams. Not only did we install tanks and piping, but we also built a small treatment plant to improve the area’s water quality. The project used about 10,000 LF of 8" gravity sewer pipe, 47 manholes, 13 inspection chambers, two pump stations, and over 600 LF of 4" force main.

Poland Woods Interceptor Improvement #497    Poland, Ohio

This project replaced a failing trunk line that ran through a city park and underneath I-680. We used about 480’ of 21” sewer with CIPP liner inside the existing line, about 60' of 24" RCP culvert, nine manholes, and 1455' of 24" gravity sanitary.